Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nigerians happy with Buhari's Independence Day Spending Cut

These cuts were backed by almost all Nigerians. Perhaps Change has finally. President Buhari Nigeria's Independence Day spending over the past 5 years are:  

Some of the comments as obtained from includes:

Akhidenor Dominic: PMB knows exactly where the shoe pinches him — the state of the national economy demands prudent spending. The amount budgeted is in order!

Urama Jerry: Good decision. I remember in Jonathan’s government, billions of naira were squandered just for celebration while the poor masses where dying of hunger.

Agbasi Uzonna Christian: Some people talk even when they know they are not making sense, but would like to talk. Cutting down the expenses, where then will the money be diverted to if not on useful venture or he will come and tell you he build hospital with the money abi? O boy! Blame your papa for not going to school and not to sit and condemn all done by the leaders.

Celestine Nnamani: It [the number] looks quite big, but, considering what it takes to organize a ceremony and care for dignitaries from across the world, l think it’s fair enough.

Eyituoyo Shugaboy: Look at the way most of you a commenting, saying what’s the use of the money, what are we celebrating? Come October 1st, you guys will be the ones killing all sorts of meat and food. My dear, don’t be hypocrites. The present govt is really trying. Most of us don’t know anything about politics but yet we will criticize every effort made my an office-holder. You guys should a least watch news sometimes, it’s not all about Africa Magic. Just saying.

Ejimogu Innocent: Some of us talk too childish here! Do you know how important it is for a country to mark their independence! Other countries do the same. What is the logic behind the reduction?

Abdwahab Ayinla: #70 million for just a day’s celebration?

Itoro Usoro: Mr president, you are a wicked man. People will pay their way to the avenue, but you will not give them water to drink. People wil fuel their car to come to the avenue, but you will not give them money to the fuel back home. Thousands of students will come out, but you will not fuel their cars for them to come back to their destination. Is that wat you call change? Old man, why don’t you bring your children and your grandchildren to come organize the the event?

Marayesa Babajide: We do not have a breakdown of what the money is intended for. So we can not crucify GEJ or give kudos to baba Buhari. Moreover, the populace is eagerly waiting to reap the dividend of change promised by baba Buhari.

Genevive Ogochi Anulugwo: Are they going to use the money to put food on the table of the poor people who can not afford food on that day? Or what? Give me the breakdown on how the money will be spent.

Ifeanyi Uzogara Are we really independent? On what is the money meant for spending? 36 states & FCT to share N70,000.00? Why?

Ifeanyi Biose: Story story, just one of his travels has already made up for the difference, and he does that every week so cutting the expense is hypocrisy. Why does he not say how much he spends on each trip? Only when they want to bamboozle people with false humility would they tell us the amount. But when it’s time to loot you won’t hear the amount. Tell us how much you waste on each international trip?

Minds were put together on how the said amount could have been used differently to benefit the most unprotected groups of Nigerians.

Macmarshal Okoro: 70 million naira can set five water bottling companies with over 50 persons employed. Now tell me what he is using the money for as a prudent and economical president?

Chima Kalu: Let him cut down the salaries and allowances of politicians, lawmakers, governor, ministers, etc. Then I will proudly say he is corruption-free and corruption fighter.

Rabi Abdullahi: Why wouldn’t we celebrate this year’s independence in a differnet way? Pick 70 unemployed gradutes and give them one million each. By Octber next year, we cal them back for testimony to see howthey businesses are going.

Letsmahn Samni Elsacc: Though I’m not a Nigerian, I live here in Nigeria, I have a business here, and I have employed some of your country men and women here. I think that this sum is too much to be spent on an independence celebration. At least if he could reduce that to N55 million, that would have been reasonable. However, credit must be given to President Muhammadu Buhari for cuttin down the cost to N70 million.

Danny El Guidotti: I’m not in support of GEJ spending more than #70m for independence celebration, neither am I in support of PMB’s #70 m budget for the celebration. If I may ask, what are we celebrating? Is it the fall in the Naira’s value? or the bombing activities of the Boko Haram? or the number of unemployed graduates out there? or the unpaid civil servants? I don’t know what we are celebrating with a whole #70 m. My town has never had light for the past seven years… Oh! We’re going to celebrate power instability in the country, right? PMB, there are too many troubles in the country for crying out loud. People are dying from starvation, man-made disasters, and we’re celebrating. I thought by now, we would have been hearing better news than these budgets and asset declaration stuffs. Please use this money to do something better.

Efe Ayo: What are we celebrating? Darkness, corruption, Boko Haram, kidnappings, bad roads, strikes as a result of non-payment of salaries,etc. After many years of independence, are we moving forward or backward? I think back when we were under colonial masters was better than gaining independence.

Ogechukwu Magnus Onyedimara: Celebrating bad roads, high cost of healthcare, unemployment, poverty on the masses, bad economy since last year till end of this year, lack of money to pay d few workers, insecurity, etc? Can’t they use that 70m to build one industry and employer workers? If they want to drink shampaign they have money to do so from all they bribe collected or appreciation money they get from companies!

Malachy Richard Celebrating with such amount of money under this insecurity? Hmmmmmmm… So Nigerians are still happy spending and celebrating while most families are there suffering in the hands of Boko Haram… So because your family is not affected, you are happy celebrating?

Jhoie Ekeledo: What has the government improved on so far that is worth celebrating? It is so foolhardy to think that the average Nigerians today, docked by unemployment, starvation, homelessness and lack of other basic amenities, would gladly cheer up in celebration. N70m would have made a lot of sense if we had something really worth it.

Joe Nneke: First of all, what are celebrating? Failure. They should bury their head in shame, using 70m to celebrate failure is most shameful. That money can build a factory that can employ some of our youth. Bring it down to 10m. The celebration means nothing to our failed state.

Regina Vormann: My state lacks good roads, they are federal roads. My street has turned into swamp in Calabar City, yet, we celebrate carnival yearly, now this sum for Independence! What a waste. What are we celebrating? Good economy, jobs, good roads, steady electricity supply, good drinking water? None of these. Oh the rich will ever remain rich while the poor sleep hungry.

Blaize Moreways: It is much because the boys are not smilling. No work, no roads, no water, no food, no shelter, no peace, no development, no education. People are begging on the streets finding it so difficult to eat one square meal per day. In fact, we should stop celebrating it in a mega way because we as a country are not mega: people are poor, have no money. Give the money to them people… Give us good governance, not ceremonial system as it used to be.

Innocent Akinde: What do they need it for? I’ve worked for 28 years serving the fed govt, and genuinely can’t boast of #100,000 in my savings. How does that affect our poverty or any average Nigerian?

Jibrin H. Rano: Means he has allocated N0.40 to each Nigerian to enjoy the 55th Nigeria’s Independence Day.

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