Monday, January 25, 2016

PlowNewarkPetitions - Tell Baraka,Christie


Resident of Newark are still snowedin. No plow trucks. No resident streets plowed. Newarkers called the city's emergency management number given out by NJ12 news but nothing has happened. The Newark residents has now decided to file a petitions to PlowNewark to publicly tell Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and NJ governor Chris Christie that Newark needs to be cleaned.

This frustration that Newark and other cities in New Jersey has been neglected may cost NJ governor Chris Christie in the presidential election. His handling of the situation has been poor. Newark, the brick city is the largest city in NJ. The mayor of New Jersey's largest city has apologized to residents who remain stuck in their homes due to unplowed streets.

Speaking Monday at a news conference, Ras Baraka said the city was "working around the clock" to remedy the problem. He said all roads in the city should be cleared by Tuesday morning.

The storm dumped nearly 30 inches on the city over the weekend. And residents say numerous side streets had not been cleared as of early Monday night.

Baraka said some of the snow removal delays were caused by people going out during the storm and abandoning cars in the streets.
He also cited the storm's intensity and Newark having to compete with other municipalities for resources.
There are also reports of neighbouring cities in NJ unplowed.


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