Monday, June 6, 2016

Abuja and Lagos shows highest interest in brazilian butt lifts in Nigeria

Abuja and Lagos shows highest interest in brazilian butt lifts

Nigerians loves bringing up the rear like the Brazilians. Abuja and Lagos has the highest interest
in “Brazilian butt lifts'' in Nigeria beating out all other Nigerian cities. Dr. Stanley Okoro, an American Society of Plastic Surgeon who practice butt-lifts in Atlanta, Georgia and Lagos, Nigeria conducts four to six buff lifts in a week. Each buff lift surgery takes six to eight hours.

That’s more than three times as many as Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta.

Patients attributed the gap to a shift in the idea of beauty among New Yorkers.

2015 was called “the year of the rear” by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

“In some social circles it’s like, ‘You haven’t had your butt done? What’s wrong with you?'”, explained Dr. Okoro

“The pressure to look good is what’s driving people,” said Okoro. He said in Nigeria, the massive film industry, commonly referred to as Nollywood, has driven the demand for the perfect butt.

The number of trained and certified plastic surgeons in Nigeria has grown in the last five years, says Ebune, from 70 plastic surgeons five years ago to around 100 now.

“The prosperity of patients is starting to increase. In a few years, it [cosmetic surgery] will be a mainstay in Nigeria and parts of Africa,” said Ebune, adding that the demand mostly comes from more cosmopolitan cities such as Lagos and Abuja.

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