Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fake girlfriend jobs on the rise: $100/month

Fake girlfriend jobs

Technology on the rise. There's no question about it – the IT workforce is evolving quickly. The Internet is providing a wider range of jobs for men and women.Fake girlfriends job are one of the fastest growing in 2016. Men pays an average of $100 each month for a fake girlfriend to sent him pictures, messages and emails.

Apps like Invisible Girlfriend and KARI the Virtual Girlfriend, have become more and more popular for lonely men. The number of never-been-married Americans at 25-years-old is at an all-time high.

While some fake girlfriends do have to meet in person, one client Ben explained he pays for a girlfriend simply because he doesn't have time to physically meet someone. He stated: "In the morning I could get a Snapchat selfie with 'good morning baby' written on it, later in the day she might message me on Kik about how her day at work has been. It's not crazy stuff.

"If she's come down with strep I'll know about it, if she's got a headache she tells me, and if she's out partying I get Snapchats that no-one else sees. There's never really any hot stuff...for most of the time it's the sort of thing you'd find in any regular relationship."

Ben claims the ability to message her and receive a response gives him a sense of closeness and he admitted to feeling genuinely toward the part-time model.

"I don't think it's as strange as it first sounds," he said. "It's a connection."

When asked how he feels about his "girlfriend" messaging other men for money, he admitted, "I don't really go down that route."


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