Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Streets empty, 'Barrowed time', Flee, War in Yahya Jammeh's Last Day in Gambia

 Yahya Jammeh's Last Day in Gambia
It looks like Mr Jammeh's will defy The African Union, ECOWAS and U.N. Security Council to be forcefully removed as a dictator president of The Gambia. Regional leaders including former Ghana president John Dramani Mahama, Nigeria's Bushari and Chairman of ECOWAS, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf failed to strike a deal in talks with Jammeh to hand over power to his opponent Adama Barrow who won polls conducted in the country last December. Last minute meeting with has not help as Mauritanian president says he's "less pessimistic" for a resolution of #Gambia impasse after meeting President Jammeh. The Mauritanian president left The Gambia and no sight of Jammeh was on board

Jammeh, who has been president since he led a coup 22 years ago, initially accepted the result of the Dec. 1 election — but dramatically changed his mind a week later, saying that the results were void because of voting "irregularities." Yaya Jammeh is now living on 'Barrowed time'

Adama Barrow is due to be inaugurated as the new president on Thursday, and West African military forces are poised to move in. Completely empty streets in usually busy parts of the #Gambia. People staying indoors. War is unavoidable.


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