Friday, November 2, 2012

The World's longest marriage

107-year-old Karam and his wife Katari Chand, 100 have been married for 87years. 

world's longest marriage Katari Chand and her husband Karam

 The couple, who have eight children and twenty eight grandchildren together, have lived together for more than 87 years making them the world’s longest married couple.
According to The Nation, the couple who hail from India and now live in Bradford say that the key to  their success is looking after each other in every way possible: ‘My trick is to make Katari laugh. I like to tell jokes and make her smile. Being funny is my way of being romantic.’ says Karam.
‘I have been told laughing makes you live longer... my wife is still alive so it must have worked! I love her so much and I want to spend another 80 years by her side,’ said Karam.

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