Wednesday, December 19, 2012

World's oldest Ford unveiled for 150th birthday of Henry Ford

Ford's oldest car with owner Bill Ford

The first Ford car was called, not surprisingly, the Model A. It had a 1668cc flat-twin engine with a quoted output of six kilowatts, and weighed only 570kg, on a wheelbase of 1830mm.

Its light weight meant that an ordinary man could cover more ground in a day with a Model A Ford than with a horse and buggy, and the Ford didn't need to be fed on days it wasn't being used.

More importantly, its exhaust products didn't have to be cleaned out with a shovel!

The car you see here is the earliest one still in existence; it's had only five owners in 109 years, it's still running and was sold to its sixth owner Bill Ford Jr for $264 000 in October. Not bad for a car that originally retailed for $850

Bill Ford Jr, great-grandson of the company founder bought it back for the 150th anniversary celebration of Henry Ford's birthday. 2013, will mark the 150th birthday of Henry Ford, and last weekend the red Model A was officially unveiled at a Ford employee event to kick off the celebration.


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