Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adams Oshiomole celebrates tribunal victory

Adams Oshiomhole election tribunal victory in Benin City

Governor Adams Oshiomhole held a victory rally in Benin City, on Wednesday, where he thanked the people of Edo state for supporting him.

Joined by a large crowd of supporters Oshiomhole said:
“We as ordinary people cannot understand or appreciate how the lions of yesterday have been reduced to the mushroom of today. How the underdogs of yesterday have become the victors of today. How those who boast of money and influence have been humbled by the infinite powers of God using Edo people to speak loud and clear.

“I want to thank all of you across the 192 wards that voted on the 14th of July and also in my party, Action Congress of Nigeria ACN and the values that we stand for.”

“The judiciary has again spoken that Edo people voted overwhelmingly for me


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