Tuesday, January 1, 2013

President Putin New Year's address

Putin speaks about new russia

President Vladimir Putin is calling on all Russians to show their patriotism and help "build a powerful, successful nation."

Putin said in a statement released on the New Year's Eve "After all, only together can we, the people of Russia, move confidently forward, withstand all challenges, resolve the most difficult problems, and build a powerful, successful nation and a modern, prosperous, free society,"

Putin said 2012 was an important year for Russia and thanked all citizens for their work, trust and support.

Meanwhile, he urged Russians to be more responsive and benevolent, more generous, and caring toward their loved ones.

"Let there be joy and harmony in every home and in every family. Then Russia, too, will stand strong and indestructible," Putin said.

Russians has been rocked by its largest post-Soviet protests in response to Putin's decision to seek the presidency again following a 2000-2008.

He then served as prime minister for four years under his hand-picked presidential successor Dmitry Medvedev before he won theMarch elections and was sworn in as president in May.

His inauguration was preceded by violent protests outside Kremlin and he has been criticized recently over his US anti-adoption ban of Russians.

The strength of such rallies has tapered off in recent months as the opposition scrambles for a strategy that could work with Putin firmly cemented in power at least through 2018.


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