Saturday, February 23, 2013

Profiling Nigerians: Babatunde Fashola

Fashiola has demonstrated top disciplined, tough and resolute qualities in front of difficulties and critics. ''There is no one above the law in the state. People who are not prepared to obey our laws should leave the state. There is no society where laws are not broken, but the state government would continue to increase its enforcement so that there will be high level of compliance,’’ he said after arresting a policeman for violating 'The state Traffic Law' that prohibits the operations of motorcycles and tricycles on Lagos/Abeokuta Express road and other metropolis.

He can do it" was many observers' comment when Babatunde Fashola took up a challenging new mission to transform Lagos into Africa's model of governance.

Babatunde Fashola is the youngest Governor of Lagos State in the history of Nigeria and a Senior Advocate by profession. He is the 13th Governor of the State and first Senior Advocate of Nigeria to hold office as Governor in Nigeria. He governs a state that is probably Africa’s largest city with over 22 million people.

Re-elected last year with 81 percent of the vote, Fashola is courting residents and investors by building roads, an urban railway, bridges and hospitals. Hotels such as Sheraton and Radisson have expanded their operations in Lagos since Fashola took office in 2007.
Also, Shoprite, Massmart and car manufacturers have also taken advantage of his good governance.

His government plans a free trade zone with an international airport and a port. Expectations have grown so high that “if there’s a blip, the impression is you’re slacking”, Fashola said in an interview.

Last year he signed into law a bill that forces men to support their children. Men who impregnate and abandon women could now face prosecution in Lagos State.


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