Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six-year-old raped in New Delhi

six year old raped in New Delhi

Cultureless, immoral street dogs increased in India was one of the criticism on the incident. The question remains: what will the govt and law do???? When will they stop this growing acts that has crippled India?

The six year old girl, from Delhi's satellite city of Gurgaon, was spotted by a passer-by in the border region of Kapashera late Sunday night raped, dumped and brutalized.

The crime became public knowledge only after local newspapers and news-channels reported it on Friday.

"Medical examinations have confirmed rape. The girl is recuperating in a hospital," Om Prakash, a local police officer said.

"We have launched a manhunt to arrest those responsible for the brutal act but have few leads as the girl is unable to give a proper statement since she is traumatized," he added.

The Times of India daily reported that the victim was last seen with a man in his early twenties and it was possible that she had been raped by more than one person.

Earlier this month, a man reportedly shoved an iron rod into the mouth of a 19 year old girl when she resisted his attempt to rape her.


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