Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google calender: Reader ends on July 1

Google Reader to shut down July 1. The reason being that Google Reader's usage has declined. Google announced its Google Reader service will close this year's calender. I use it daily to aggregate news from all over the web. Personal blogs will miss it. I will really really miss Reader.

google reader ends on google calender

It looks like people really don’t want to let go of Google Reader. A Petition to keep the RSS feed reader running has gone past 51 000 signatures a day after Google announced that it would be closing the service.

The author of the petition, Dan Lewis, notes that Reader is still a part of many people’s online experiences. He suggests that it was Google’s decision to kill extra features in Reader that allowed people to share and comment on each other’s interests that saw the service go into decline.

Interestingly, Lewis suggests that killing Reader will cause people to lose trust in Google’s other products:


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