Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Five year old boy kills his sister of two with his rifle

A 5 year old boy killed his two year old sister at his home in Kentucky with his own rifle. According to the coroner this event has been "a senseless accident." The girl died after being taken to a hospital according to state police. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

A five year old boy kills his sister

According to the doctor, the children's mother was cleaning the porch of the house at the time. "He heard the shot and ran to the house where he found the dead girl, told the Lexington Herald Gary White at WKYT chain.

The handgun, a .22 rifle, Long was designed specifically for children and was a gift to the child. Apparently they had kept in a corner of a room.Parents say they were unaware of ammunition inside. "This is a small gun for children, Crickett brand," explained White.

A gun designed specifically for children?? What do you expect he was going to do with it? He's five for goodness sake.


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