Thursday, May 16, 2013

David Beckham ends career

David Beckham announced this Thursday the end of his career as a professional soccer player. He ends his career at the age of 38. Beckham is the only English player to win championships in four different countries: England (Manchester United), Spain (Real Madrid), United States (LA Galaxy) and France (PSG).

Beckham, ends career

Beckham said
"I appreciate the opportunity given by PSG to continue, but I feel that this is the best time to end the career playing at the highest level. If you had told me as a child, he would play and win trophies for Manchester United, my club since child, who would captain and play with pride for my country 100 times and align with some of the most important clubs in the world, I would have said it was just a fantasy, "reads the statement from the player.

"I'm lucky to have realized these dreams. Would not have gotten where I am without the support of my family. Appreciate the sacrifice of my parents, who made me realize my dreams. Owe a lot to Victoria and also to children who gave me the inspiration and support needed to play at the highest level for so long. too want to thank Simon Fuller [agent Beckham and Victoria] and his team for having always supported me, "he continued.

"I also want to thank all my teammates and great coaches with whom I had the pleasure of learning. Thanks also to the fans who supported me and gave strength to achieve success," noted the statement.

David Beckham has become this year's ambassador of sport in China and secured in this release that expects to be surprised at the position to take.

"Nothing will substitutir mode that I really love, but I feel like I'm starting a new adventure and I am truly excited about what might happen," he said.

"I'm happy to have had so many opportunities throughout my career and now I feel it's the right time to leave," he concluded.

Beckham won 20 trophies - 10 of those championships - over a career of nearly 20 years and is the only English player to have won a league in four different countries (England, Spain, the United States and France .)


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