Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mourinho is Chelsea's manager

Former Real Madrid coach signed a four-year contract for 40 million pounds. According to the British media,The Sun, Jose Mourinho is the new coach of Chelsea. The Portuguese have have signed a contract for four years worth 40 millions of euros .

JOSE MOURINHO is Chelsea’s new boss

JOSE MOURINHO is Chelsea’s new boss 

"It's official Jose Mourinho is Chelsea again. within the club, players and fans are so happy your back, "the newspaper quoted English.

On Monday Mourinho visited Wembley to visit friends, but the real proósito the trip was stamped signature in the millionaire contract, according to the British newspaper.

It is expected that the first game of "Mou" is the pre-season friendly against Singha Thailand All Stars XI.

Chelsea have not officially confirmed the return of Mourinho.


  1. Mourhino is a good manager and will take Chelsea far. He should have never been sacked before.