Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard Needs Works

After three years as president of Nigeria, theguardian released a scorecard of his governance and many Nigerians agree that his government has failed and needs works if he's to be re-elected for 2015. His overall scorecard according to many Nigerians stands at a 'C'

Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard Needs Works
Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard
Nigeria's economy has averaged an impressive 7% GDP sicne 2010. Fiscal policy is responsible. The country has a debt-to-GDP ratio of roughly 18% and a budget deficit of under 3%. This is hugely to the hardwork of finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former World Bank managing director. While the economy continues to grow, unemployment and poverty increases partly to no job creation. Nigerians gave him an A-

The administration has fruitless promises. The power cut is slowly getting better in some areas and we all must agree that it will take time. The government has privatized electricity supply and hopefully that will solve the dirt that has plagued Nigeria since birth. He does get a B here.

Road construction and Infrastructure remains a problem. I can't even talk about healthcare, Jonathan gets a Big F on healthcare.

Education is particularly problematic: tens of millions of Nigerians are illiterate. He refuses to work with rival party Governors like Edo State Governor who is doing better in Education transformation. He maintains his F grade from healthcare.

On security midst Boko Haram and the fight for Nigeria. He gets a B.

Overall, Jonathan's scorecard needs work. He has alot of catching up to do to have a shot at a second term coems 2015.

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