Saturday, April 5, 2014

Drake raps about Rihanna Love Affair

Rumors of a relationship or affair between Rihanna and Drake has reached its vertical peak. Drake's new song "Days In The East" offers a lyrical glimpse about the duo relationship.
Drake raps about Rihanna Love Affair

The new track from the 26 year old U.S. rapper Drake makes the enormously strong impression that he's dating Rihanna (27).The newly released song "Days In The East" contains so few lines that come directly from the recently completed Holiday - seen from the U.S. eastern - the old continent of Europe seem gripped.And bid if this is so, a fascinating insight into the enigmatic liaison of the two stars.

Drake raps bluntly about longing and jealousy between Stars - and maybe even makes a declaration of love.

"Before you say 'you are my' I was your" it says about.

"I'm terrible in it, me invite yourself, call me "

"Do not mention other girls, and you'll already uncertain,"

The track continued "why are you always asking me for her?She's not here right now. "


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