Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nigeria approves bill against gay marriage

Nigeria's parliament approved a bill that provides for sentences of up to 14 years imprisonment for marrying a person of the same sex, reported the news agency of the African country, "NAN".

Nigeria approves bill against gay marriage

"Marriage or civil union between persons of the same sex is not formalized in any place of worship, whether church or mosque, or anywhere in Nigeria," says the text adopted.

In addition, the standard provides for a sentence of 10 years imprisonment for "anyone who, directly or indirectly, show in public romantic relationships with people of the same sex," and "any person or group of persons to supervise, witness, protect or defend the formalization of gay marriages in Nigeria. "

In presenting the bill, Rep. Albert Sam-Nigerian Tsokwa said the intention is to seek "long-range goals" to outlaw gay marriage and punish those that are related to the practice.

In November 2011, the Nigerian Senate passed a bill which imposed the same penalties for those who were involved in these acts, but with some minor differences from the text approved by Parliament today.

The two chambers must now put themselves in agreement, through a joint committee, the final content of the bill will be sent to the Nigerian President for his approval.

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