Friday, June 21, 2013

Brazil: A million people in protests

The demonstrations in Brazil has hit more than a million people in protest. In Rio de Janeiro Thursday came violent clashes between radical protesters and police. More than 300,000 people come on the streets to protest against the government and increasing poverty.
Brazil: A million people in protests

The riots sprang up at the City Hall of Rio. Protesters threw stones at the police. Who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. International journalists are on the spot. Eyewitnesses saw protesters away with tear-filled eyes.
A million protests on the streets of Brazil

In Ribeirão Preto, some 300 kilometers from Sao Paolo, a demonstrator, along with two other protesters were knocked over by a car. One of them did not survive. Reported that the Brazilian police on Twitter

In 80 Brazilian cities hundreds of thousands of people again take to the streets to protest against the government. Since the prices for public transport were increased, it is very restless in Brazil. This increase has been undone, but that does not mean the end of the protests. What began as a relatively small protest culminated in a week to mass demonstrations across the country.The protesters also protest against the poor education, high taxes, corruption, poverty and expensive sporting events.

Reports the confederations cup being held in Brazil could be cancelled. The foreign reserves was attacked this morning. This has made President Rousseff to cancel her trip to Japan.


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