Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pope Francis: The First 100 Days

A look back at the First 100 Days of Pope Francisco. Pope Francisco's popularity continues to attract thousands of people every act which he presides. Let's look at Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 100 days after becoming Francisco.
Pope Francis: The First 100 Days
First 100 Days of Pope Francisco

March 16 . - In his first meeting with the journalist Pope Francisco said " I wish for a poor church and one for the poor".

March 27 . - In his first public hearing he collects the "witness" of the hands of his predecessor, Benedict XVI, noting that Easter means "going out of ourselves to go to the suburbs to meet the further away, the forgotten and those who need understanding, comfort and aid ".

April 3 . - highlighted the important role of women to transmit the faith, because "they are driven by love and know how to receive this announcement with faith-believe and immediately transmit it, do not keep for themselves. "

April 9 . - In his meeting with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon he stressed the contribution of the Catholic Church "in favor of the dignity of the human being".

April 10 . - During a hearing said-"God is our Father, who loves us even when we were wrong."And a week later, he added that, "Jesus is our defense attorney."

April 17 . - said the church can not make "nanny" of Christians, that they have the responsibility to discover what it means to be baptized and must boldly proclaim the Gospel, "even without security and between persecution" .

April 24 . - invited young people to "go for the big ideals" and "not be afraid to dream big things."

May 1 . - denounced "the economic conception of society seeking selfish benefit beyond the parameters of social justice"

"Dignity is not what gives the power, money, culture, no. Dignity gives us work and decent work "because there are so many" social, political and economic factors that have made this work means to exploit the person, "he said.

May 5 . - called for "clarity and courage" to fight child abuse.

That same day, on the situation in Syria said "That silenced weapons. Faced with the continued violence and abuses hard renew my call for peace in Syria. "

May 12 . - Regarding abortion he called " guarantee legal protection to the embryo mentoring to every human being from the first moment of its existence."

June 5 . - said If a man is in "danger" in the world "do not send the man, give him money."

June 12 . - On Day Against Child Labour said "there are millions, particularly girls, children forced to work, mainly in domestic work, which involves abuse and mistreatment. This is slavery, and I hope that the international community do more to tackle this real scourge. "

June 16 . - On the occasion of the G8 summit he said "to serve and not rule."

June 17 . - In his meeting with Venezuelan President Maduro, the pontiff said "pray for me ... But pray for, not against eh ..".


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