Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nigerian Middle Class we never had

Nigeria was created as two countries united as one: The North vs the South. The question remains: Who really owns Nigeria? When Lugard returned to Nigeria as Governor General in 1912 and introduced the amalgamation in 1914, largely for financial reasons, the content of the amalgamation made no serious effort to bring Nigerian Middle class into consideration. Today, I can honestly say there's a rich-poor class system with no Middle class in Nigeria.

If you look at the picture below, you will see the ordinary Nigerian hustling and working for survival. Only few of these people barely make it to the next day. The rich continues to get richer and the poor gets poorer. The more you try to get up a class, the harder it becomes.                           Nigeria's middle class

Today, Nigeria’s economy grows by 6.56% in first quarter and Nigerian bureau of statistics puts inflation figure for April at 9.1%. The non-oil sector, the report said, was the major driver of the Nigerian economy during this first quarter compared to the corresponding period of 2012

According to NBS, there was a decline in growth seen in agriculture, telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade while manufacturing, hotel, building and construction were bright spots for the economy in the period under review.

Can we save Nigeria Middle class from extinction? Please leave your comments below

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  1. We dont have a middle class. Its upper and lower