Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yaritza, the girl who cries blood

The news comes from the small town of Purranque , in Chile, where a girl, Yaritza Oliva , cries out blood. Doctors have failed to give an explanation for this absurd phenomenon. 

the girl who cries blood

"Please help my daughter," said the father of Yaritza on Chilean TV channel 24 Horas .
It all started at the beginning of this month when the twenty year old girl noticed blood coming out from her eyes. Yaritza weeps blood several times a day. Her parents decided to take her to the hospital in Purranque, but doctors were unable to tell the cause. She was transferred to another hospital in Puerto Montt , where, the doctors prescribed eye drops to reduce the burning eyes. 

Yaritza at first was thought to be suffering from conjunctivitis or some infection. But Alejandro Lutz , an ophthalmologist after taking care of Yaritza cannot make a diagnosis. He excluded conjunctivitis, bacterial or viral infection, since the appearance of the eyes and the symptoms are different, and the same applies to the allergic forms and chronic. 

"Yaritza Oliva suffers' emolacria ': a rare symptoms that may be associated with many diseases, as the tumor lacrimal apparatus, or be caused by trauma, infection or pollutants.

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