Monday, July 15, 2013

In Pictures: Trayvon Martin Protests

Tayvon Martin, 17, was killed by the accused while walking on a rainy night on February 26, 2012 to his father's house.  The Trayvon Martin case divided the country between those who believe that George Zimmerman, son of a white father and Peruvian mother-killed the young teenager in an act of racial profiling versus those convinced that the guard acted in self defense. The case first drew national attention during the 44 days the Sanford Police Department took to decide that Zimmerman should be arrested and charged with murder.

                                      Trayvon Martin Protests After 16 hours of deliberations, the six emotional female jurors in the Case-five white women and Hispanic- read out the verdict ''Not Guilty' and Zimmerman considered innocent. NOT GUILTY – BUT NOT INNOCENT
USA demonstrate Trayvon Martin Protests

Zimmerman nationwide protest
Thousands of people demonstrated Sunday night in Times Square in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta and Philadelphia. The rally in the evening from 6th Avenue to Times Square had posters and signs reading:

"We want justice, and we want now."

 "no justice, no peace," 

"Jail the racist, not young black", reads a sign. "Zimmerman is a terrorist," said another.

"We are all Trayvon. Entire system is guilty," say many signs.

A protester in the crowd wearing a T-shirt that says "I am black, please do not shoot."

"We are here because we are angry and we are worried, very disappointed with the jury's decision. "There were six women, five mothers,"

"We all have the same desires," he said again. "I want my son to come home in the evening."
Justice for Trayvon Martin

New York Trayvon protest

Street demonstrate for Trayvon
U.S. President Barack Obama has called for calm on Sunday after the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

" I know that this case has aroused intense passions. Immediately after the verdict, I know that these feelings may intensify. But we are a state of law, and a jury has spoken , "Obama said in a statement, following the verdict Saturday night by a court in Florida (southeast).

" Now I ask all Americans to observe calls for reflection in the calm made ​​by two parents who lost their young son , "he added.
The Department of Justice on Sunday in a statement said a federal investigation was opened the last year on the case. " Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence shows a violation of federal criminal civil rights laws, liable to prosecution , "said the text.


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