Friday, March 28, 2014

Nkandla Style Storms South Africa Scandal

Nkandla gone Gangnam Style is the new talking trend from South Africa.

Nkandla Style a new South African hit was uploaded on YouTube yesterday. Its a parody of the YouTube hit, Gangnam Style. Nkandla Style, in reference to the Nkandla scandal of South African President Jacob Zuma is currently turning viral. President Jacob Zuma spent US$ 23 Million upgrading his personal home at state expense has taking a new hit.

Nkandla Style Storms South Africa Scandal

A number of interesting points were raised in a new 400 page report published about the Nkandla scandal. Some of them are:

Zuma violated the Executive Ethics Code in his failure to act in protection of state resources.

The state violated the constitution by using funds allocated to Public Works service delivery.

The ‘fire pool’, amphitheater, cattle kraal etc. went beyond what was reasonably required for Zuma’s security.

Zuma must repay the state for what it spent on non-security measures.

The helipad and clinic should have been built in a way to benefit the community.

Zuma misled Parliament unintentionally when he claimed Govt. didn’t build any houses for him.

Zuma’s private architect earned R16.5-million from the project.

We don’t know who the person behind it is, they go by the name Nkandla Staail and it looks like they just recently set up a YouTube channel and put the song up.

Check out the Nkandla Style music video below:


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