Friday, July 5, 2013

WeChat, "Chinese chat" that competes with WhatsApp

WeChat, announced that it has surpassed the 70 million registered users, demonstrating its popularity and success worldwide. WeChat has seen more mobile downloads in different countries like India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Mexico. WeChat "Chinese chat" competes with WhatsApp
      WeChat, "Chinese chat" that competes with WhatsApp

As part of the new global initiative, Lionel Messi and other celebrities joined Wechat. Fans and friends of the celebrities can follow their official account on WeChat, including video, voice and pictures of the celebs.

What is WeChat?

If you do not know WeChat, this is a free program that allows users to write text messages between them, exchange messages "Push to Talk", "Video Chat", and share images, music and videos.
Features WeChat
Voice and Video Chat - "Pulse and Speech" allows users to send voice messages with just one button. Video quality is another value-added experience. You can talk to your friends face to face in an easy to use.
Moments - Share photos, text and URL links with friends and trusted contacts.
Group Chat - The Chat Group in WeChat allows users to group conversations with up to 40 people at a time, making group chats a better experience.
Location Functions - With functions like "Shake" and "Look Around", has never been so easy to find friends around you. The "Shake" allows contact people around the world with only shake their devices. Look Around is another feature that allows users to find similar people around.
Official Accounts-A function that can be used by brands, celebrities and businesses to build an interactive relationship with your followers. APi's free SDK'sy available to owners and developers of "official accounts" who want to develop applications WeChat.
WeChat on your desktop - Communicate with your users from the browser on your computer.
Security Settings-WeChat comes with privacy and security settings that allows users to limit their information to certain users.
Download WeChat

WeChat can be downloaded at: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone at the following URL:

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  1. Whatsapp has already taken over the pc market by storm