Wednesday, August 7, 2013

King Willem-Alexander: The first 100 days

The first 100 days in Amsterdam of King Willem-Alexander. How is the King doing? Is he differenct compared to his mother. King Willem-Alexander on Wednesday August 7 is exactly one hundred days on the throne. Some differences with the king eagerly using his iPad compared to Beatrix.               
                                   The first 100 days of King Willem-Alexander:

According to the chairman of the Royal Association of Orange Associations, Michiel Zonnevylle, it is really too early to rule on the differences between Beatrix and Prince Willem-Alexander, who was inaugurated on 30 April. Statements " That must develop, and if he wants to do it otherwise it is wise to do that very gradually. "

However, as already Zonnevylle differences. He points to the "flash look" of Willem-Alexander and Maxima to various neighboring countries. Willem-Alexander himself has said this in the first instance to give preferred because real state visits require much more time to prepare.

Also calls Zonnevylle the focus on ICT that Willem-Alexander explains the day. He has appointed immediately after the inauguration a Director ICT and he is eager to use an iPad, including to sign when he is abroad laws. " Something was obviously not when Queen Beatrix began. Everything is different, and the king adapts accordingly. "

Justine Marcella, editor of Princes, also says only see. But small differences " It would not be neat to his mother as he would immediately say: from now on we will do everything else and unwise, because Beatrix has done very well.. "


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