Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Queen Elizabeth leaves hospital

Queen Elizabeth leaves hospital
Queen Elizabeth II leaves hospital after 24-hour stay.

Queen Elizabeth II released from hospital after severe stomach bug
The Queen beams as she leaves hospital yesterday — as aides tried to work out how she caught her mystery tummy bug.

Her Majesty looked in good spirits as she thanked staff at King Edward VII for treating her during her 24-hour stay

The Queen, who turns 87 next month, fell ill at Windsor Castle on Sunday and it was feared she would spend days in hospital.

But she was discharged early from King Edward VII at 2.43pm and — dressed in a smart red coat and wearing a bow brooch made for Queen Victoria — looked much better as she shook hands with nurse Anne Jenkins.

Her Majesty carries out so many public duties it may prove difficult to pinpoint the cause of the bug.


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