Friday, November 1, 2013

Third sex: Germany introduces third gender legally

Germany will become the first European country and the second in the world after Australia, to admit legally the existence of a third sex. Osaseye understand that as from 1 November parents will have three options to fill out the birth certificate of their Baby: "male", "female" and "blank.'' The new law, which comes into effect from November 1, will allow parents of babies to leave blank the gender of the newborn.
Third sex: Germany introduces third gender legally

The law "the third gender", as it is popularly known, also have an effect on the laws pertaining to marriage and that, so far, in Germany only women can marry men.

But there are still points that need full clarity in specific cases such as marriages and adoptions.

"That is logical but not a law as progressive as we'd like it," said Richard Köhler, Transgender Europe activist group, told the BBC.

For Kohler, the law is limited to cases where a doctor has to make a diagnosis of hermaphrodite, but the legislation does not provide this choice to people who do not fall under this diagnosis.

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