Wednesday, October 15, 2014

African Sex: Police Officers Caught In Public

African Sex Pictures: Police Officers Caught In Public

Two on duty African policemen from Kagera, Tanzania were caught performing sexual acts in public. Pictures of the pair making out while on duty became viral on the internet Monday and led to the dismissal of the officers. 

The photograph shows the pair kissing while fully dressed in their work uniforms, and was considered grounds for dismissal. They were not having sex. No evidence of the love pair naked or such. Just kissing and a resident rightly said that ''Police Officers kissing in public is taken more seriously compared to bribery''

The image was uploaded to the internet by a third officer, who also took the photo, and drawn to the attention of the authorities at the Kagera police force.

 Henry Mwaibambe, the regional police commander, spoke to the BBC about the steps taken, and defends his department’s decision. “We followed all disciplinary procedures to make sure that they were given a chance to defend themselves,” he says. 

“The officer looking at the case was convinced there was compelling evidence against them, and that they had breached police code of conduct. That’s why they lost their jobs.”

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