Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby died after being placed on a baggage at the Airport

Baby died after being placed on a baggage in Airport
A Canadian five months old baby died after being placed on a baggage carousel in the airport of Alicante, in south-eastern Spain, officials said Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Aena, the company that manages the airport, said the baby and his American mother arrived late Wednesday night in Alicante from London.The baby's father, a Canadian, was waiting to airport, said the spokesman. A spokesman for the police told the British newspaper The Independent that the investigation was still in its infancy and that the images of the CCTV were always analyzed, but that it seems that the drama is accidental. "The mother left the baby on the carousel, which can be activated by an employee of the airport or when it detects weight," he said. "It seems that the weight of the baby's stroller has activated the carousel and the child is found caught in the rollers in the drop zone."The baby was declared dead at the scene, despite attempts to revive him.According to media reports, the family was in Spain to enjoy a holiday close to the tourist town of Denia on the Costa Blanca in the east of Spain.


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