Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celine Dion: the woman with 3,000 pairs of shoes

Celine Dion lead a successful music career with multiple award songs but yesterday the 45 year old singer and a woman who loves fashion declared she has over 3000 pairs of shoes in her Florida home.
Celine Dion: the woman with 3,000 pairs of shoes

The singer broke the news during Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday. Dion was appeared relaxed, talkative and in a laughing mood. As she comes to sell its huge property located in Florida for $ 71 million, she said it housed a treasure. To the surprise of the audience, it wasn't the eight rooms, swimming pools including the famous river pool spacious lounges. This is actually a dressing! "I have a beautiful dressing for my shoes because you know how much I'm crazy about shoes. There are perhaps 3000."

Really? 3,000 shoes is too much.


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