Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ASUU four months strike, POLITICS

Has the Federal Government lost the plot? Lost trust, Shameless, Wasteful, Politics. ASUU strike is becoming a glass mirror for the next general elections.
Nasir Fagge, National President, Academic Staff Union of Universities has been put on the forefront. The blood pressure has risen to the greatest level of malignant hypertension. Yet, he is calm. He will not be swayed. If it took the government of Nigeria more than four years and yet to sign an agreement entered, Fagge will take as much time until the deplorable state of Nigerian universities and penniless salary structure is resolved. 
ASUU strike



Why not? The minister of Aviation is embroiled in a N255 armored car scandal. More than 600 delegates on an extensively paid Israel trip with Nigerian tax payers money. The number of unprofitable ministries and agencies on the increase, yet the basic need for Education, Power supply and Security remains debatable. 

When ASUU embarked on a strike in 2011 over the same demands, appeals from from concerned Nigerians to end the strike with the assurance that the matter would be looked into urgently was persuasive. He ended the strike then and two years later the same issue with even an unconcerned government remains. 

Lesson Learned Is A Lesson Earned. When will Nigerians learn their lesson?

Fagge is different. You want to play politics lets play politics. Hopes of the current administration winning in the 2015 general elections has been narrowed since the strike. Mr Fagge stressed that rather than prevailing on ASUU to call off the strike, Nigerians should look at its demands and see their relevance to national development.

“Why is it that when issues like this come up, Nigerians will start begging ASUU to call off strike in the interest of the children and the country in general, rather than prevailing on government.

“I want to state here that we have a lot of respect and appreciate the concern of all Nigerians who have prevailed on ASUU to reconsider its stand and call off the strike.

“But sincerely, I think if people really care about this country and want to move it forward, they should refocus their thinking to government and prevail on them to implement the agreement and then we can start from there.

“The National Assembly had in the time past appealed to us to bend over and we did in the interest of the country– while negotiations lasted– but look at what is happening now”, he said.


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