Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Secrets Women Keep From Men

Are some secrets better left untold? One expert weighs in and real women confess what they hide.  "What's the biggest secrets women keep from men?" Check out some of their shocking responses. 
 Secrets Women Keep
"I'm 32 and have slept with just two guys." -Sarah V., 32

"I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 17." -Jane, 24

"I'm a young widow. My husband died in an accident when I was 30." Mary, 34

"I've cheated in every relationship I've ever been in." -Mackenzie W., 30.

"I can't have kids." -Lia, 37

"I've always been with more partners than the person I'm dating, so I refuse to share 'my number'." -Bailey, 28

"I used to be in an open relationship ... and I never want to do that again!" -Shayla, 26

"In the last few years, I lost almost 80 pounds. I look great dressed, but feel self-conscious about loose skin once the clothes come off." -Stephanie, 33


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