Thursday, December 12, 2013

Woman gets stuck in the toilet with her ass glued

She gets stuck in the toilet, her ass glued

The news story of the week is that of a woman who was stuck to toilet for over an hour with her ass glued on the bezel.

The 40 year old American found herself stuck in the bathroom of a Home depot's departmental store in Banks County, Georgia with her buttocks glued to the toilet seat! The rescue took almost an hour to free her.

The prank happened on the eve of Thanksgiving with Ilyanna Of Keur, 40, doing shopping with her ​​sister and brother. She goes to the toilet of the departmental store and the rest is summed up in the video below.
"I do not understand why the rescue took the time to take off the seat of my ass toilets on site, rather than take me to the hospital to do," testified the forties with many local media, the chain WSB-TV , after the painful procedure. 

Authorities and the local police have opened an investigation to try to find the evil jester. It will rely on the CCTV footage of the store to get there.Meanwhile, nearly two weeks after the fact, Ilyanna Of Keur, still tries to recover from this humiliation. But says she still cannot sit and spend most of the time lying on the couch.
Watch the video

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