Saturday, February 1, 2014

Breastfeeding For Two Years Is Now Required By Law

Breastfeeding Is Now Required By Law
Is asking a woman to breast feed her own child an act of dehumanization? I don't agree. Is breast feeding to be legislated like gay marriage rights? Thats the new debate in United Arab Emirates after a law was passed that all children are to be breast fed up to the age of 2.
I am ALL for moms breastfeeding, but it by no means should be a requirementWhile breast feeding is preferable, it should be up to the woman if she wants to do it, not men and not a law. This is totally dehumanizing. Do you support this new law that women must breast feed their child?

The Federal National Council has passed a clause in the Child Rights law requiring mothers to breastfeed “If the law forced women to breastfeed, this could lead to new court cases.” Such a law could lead to husbands suing their wives if they did not breastfeed.

Sultan Al Sammahi (Fujairah), a member of the committee, said it was the right of all children to be breast fed up to the age of 2.


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