Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joel Osteen ''Homosexuality is a Sin" (Scripture Included)

Joel Osteen ''Homosexuality is a Sin" (Scripture)

Leviticus 18:22 reads “Men, you must not have sexual relations with another man as with a woman. That is a terrible sin! from the easy to read version of the bible.

Larry King asked Joel Osteen, "What are your views on homosexuality?”It is one of those questions most popular pastors pray to avoid on live television. Composed and calm Osteen replied “The same that they’ve been. I believe that the scripture says that it’s a sin but I always follow that up by saying you know what, we’re not against anybody.”

Sure the bible says it's a sin, but Jesus also said do not judge anyone by their sins unless you be judged. But, shouldn't he preach about it?

Larry King licked his wounds like a tiger pouncing on its prey, he pressed him to explain, "How can it be if we don't know what causes it? You don't know why you're a heterosexual."

"There's a lot of things Larry that I don't understand- so I just don't want to preach on it, preach about it," Osteen said.

King enquired, "Does gay marriage annoy you?" Osteen said, “It doesn’t annoy me. From a scripture point of view, it’s not what my faith would teach, but it doesn’t annoy me."

In the Bible, God told the Israelites that they were not to have sexual relations with close relatives, with someone else's wife, with a woman AND her daughter, with animals, and men are not to have sexual relations with men. The apostle Paul clarified that ALL people are sinners, gay or straight (Romans 3:23), that God loves all of us even though we are all sinners (Romans 5:8), and that even though sin leads to death, because of Christ, we can all live forever (spiritually), regardless of what sins we've committed (Romans 6:23) if we believe (Ephesians 2:8). Everyone has done something wrong, doing wrong things leads to spiritual death, but by God's grace, because of God's love, we can all be saved if we believe and repent (i.e. change our ways, Acts 2:38). When we make the decision to believe and change our ways, God sends his Spirit to live in us and help us do that, because on our own, by our own power, we would not be successful in changing (see again Acts 2:38). There is no conflict. Recognizing something as sin or wrong does not mean you hate the person who does it. If you are a real follower of Christ, you will try to love everyone and will want them to believe and live (1 John 4:7-12).


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