Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lethal Pistols! Jude Okoye shows off his guns

P-Square's brother and manager Jude Okoye seems to have dug himself into alot of troubles for being so stupid to show off his guns collection using his Instagram page.

Lethal Pistols! Jude Okoye shows off his guns

Jude Okoye shows off his guns

Nigerian entertainment industry isn't that violent and as such no need to play act this reckless behavior.
The lethal weapons and Okoye's caption has brought nothing but serious criticism by fellow Nigerians, music producers, and the music industry.  Jude Okoye posted pictures of three real guns and multiple bullets alongside message " fuck with me cos u know i got dem".

Chris said "Na wah oh! For this country? Are pistols now legalized for individuals to carry? Thought its only rifles meant for hunting? Well, obviously money and celebrity things"

Tunde said..."is gun an accessory please? These our so-called money miss road celebs sef. I have not seen an international celeb display gun as an asset on social media like this, shit. Are you intoxicated by fame or what? What will you say if anything happens after this?"

Aminat said..."Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am. He should be wise. Why wouldn't they get robbed when they advertise all they have on social media."

Kayode olaitan said...
Where is Nigeria police, where is SSS , where is NIA....u will answer questions soon.. Ordinary music producer, you dey carry gun".

Cedric said..."And they are licensed?ok! But why would he upload pictures of them! Does he know how many youngsters,teens looking up to him? This generation with their wild imaginations. I don't like this abeg!

Bimbo said...
"... And to what end??? What message is he passing on to the younger generation? And we complain the country is getting worse and our children don't have morals! He should respect his age sha ... Its just sheer stupidity! *my opinion*"

MO said...
"This is so immature.I hope he has licenses for them otherwise,alagbon awaits you and you will cough out plenty money before getting freed.
The thieves and kidnappers also now known where to shop for supplies.Senseless moron."


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