Friday, February 28, 2014

How CNN, BBC, Times, Reuters, & UK's papers are Killing Nigeria

This breaks my heart. I'm truly disgusted to be writing this piece. I have been waiting to see the reaction from foreign leaders and press. Like always the media isn't reporting on it, which is shameful. They spent so much time on Malala and Nigeria's anti-gay laws, but not on this.
How CNN, BBC, Times, Reuters, & UK's papers are Killing Nigeria

 Why ISN'T the same treatment and concern shown for these 40 students that were shot and burnt to death by Boko Haram? Where is the outrage and help? Who's fighting for these families besides the families and Nigerian government? Why are CNN, BBC, Times, Reuters, Washington Post, USA Today, UK's leading papers, Aljazeera and co reporting this senseless massacre days after and without intervention? I don't get it. They are so quick to report news on corruption and the negatives about our country but not offering to help. And please stop being stupid calling Nigerians people with backward mindset. Do we need help, YES. It's clearly visible this is an act of terrorism. People leaving in fear. Parents can't send their children to school in this conditions. 

 If these media/press are not going to help Nigeria, they should simply shut it up. I don't want to read any other headlines about Nigeria's anti-gay law in Times, New York Times, Forbes, CNN, BBC and the rest. It doesn't make sense.

When Malala Yousafzai was shot, 5 million men, women and children signed petitions calling for every girl in Pakistan to have the chance to go school.

But this week the world remained silent when 40 schoolchildren were shot and then burnt to death in a school in north east Nigeria. The incident was nothing less than a massacre of the innocents. The US Secretary of State wordily calls it "unspeakable acts of terror."

It is time the world came to the aid of Nigeria. To make make schools safe for children and millions of student in getting an education.

Nigeria has more than 10 million children out of school, the worst record in the world.


  1. This is serious and I agree with you that the world should come to our rescue rather than folding their hands and keep reporting everyday terrorism. Reports will not help!

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