Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ankara: Tanzanian style 2014

Ankara all over Africa. It's no longer a Nigerian, Ghanaian, Liberian or South African thing. Anna Luks signature styles lie in the use of zips, yarns, ropes and cords to create natural, flowing garments that explore femininity and modernity.
Ankara: Tanzanian style 2014
Naturally attracted to working with organic fabrics she has created a key signature for the Luks label. Her love for the bold has been a keen dictator in her use of colour palettes and prints, which have been a growing focal point of her work through the years.

"I am totally devoted in creating, I have this insatiable hunger for style and it translates in my work . My inspiration can come from anywhere be it art, architecture, nature or our human differences and my life's work is to translate this inspiration into wearable fashion." Anna Lukindo
Ankara Anna LuksTanzanian style 2014

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