Friday, February 7, 2014

Man Got His Sister Drunk & Rape Her In Nigeria

Man Got His Sister Drunk & Rape Her In Nigeria
A family at Ijoko area of Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria faces the intense wrought of the media after a man in his 20s rapéd his step-sister after he got her drunk in a club.

The Elesin family, which recently moved to their own house at Ijoko area is currently thrown into confusion an NYSC member and second born of the family, has been fingered in the rapé of his own sister, said to be a first year student in a tertiary institution.

The unfortunate story is that the 21yrs old lady was forced into séx by the man she knew all her life as her own brother. It was reported that the corps member, currently serving in Enugu State, hatch the plan when he returned to Lagos early last month.At the time, Miss Patricia was also at home while waiting for her school to resume from the prolonged strike of Polytechnic teachers currently ongoing in the country. The corps member was the only product of his father’s first marriage, while she is the daughter of the man’s second wife, identified simply as Jessica.

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, the corps member was said to have taken his younger sister to a popular pub in the area where he reportedly fed her with liquor. Apparently drunk from the outing, she was driven home in a tricycle with her brother.

It was gathered that the corps member was 'heavily drunk' from the outing and both were all alone at home that night. Their parents, it was reported, were away from Lagos to attend a burial ceremony of Jessica’s uncle in the eastern part of the country.

The young lady was so drunk that she could barely walk, as her equally "drunken" brother piloted her into her room while he also reportedly went into his bedroom that fateful night. But it was gathered that shortly after she got to bed in her room, her brother found his way back there and forced his himself on her.

She later woke up dead in the night to find herself and her half-brother stark naked in bed and in her own room. There and then she raised the alarm which drew the attention of their co-tenants. It was also gathered that all attempts by the corps member to prevent his sister from raising the alarm over the act were rebuffed by her as she was hell bent on exposing him.

The corps member left the family apartment at the dead of the night to an unknown destination. She was said to have narrated her experience to the neighbours when they arrived in their apartment.

The young lady reportedly put a call to their parents in far away Imo State and told them what had happened. And they returned to Lagos the following day.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a female neighbour claimed that Patricia’s yell raised residents from their deep sleep. The woman claimed that her husband was among the first callers at their apartment, but the guy had already fled the house before anyone arrived.

The neighbour had to take the young lady to an hospital on the orders of their father whom they spoke with on telephone, probably to make sure she is giving drugs to prevent her from getting pregnant.

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  1. That sick goat. How do you see you sisters nakedness and feel no shame.