Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Frozen newborn baby found in house freezer

Frozen newborn baby found in house freezer

The body of a newborn was found in a freezer in a house Lisbourg, France. " As sad as the story sounds, the body of a newborn was kept in the family freezer for more than two years . " reported one member of the family. But prosecutors stated that these statements are not clear on the dates and therefore should remain cautious. It is not known who is the father of this baby, or age, or cause of death . The man who spoke was not the father of the child. At the time, he did not live with the woman who is the mother of the child.

According to a judicial source, the woman has two children, his companion a child. torque, aged thirty years, also has a child in common. Children aged four months to seven years, the source said. According to preliminary findings, the child " lived a few days "and was never said. The circumstances of death " are ignored and there is really no evidence to suspect an intention to kill the child , "said Mr. Roy, Deputy Prosecutor at Bethune.

The two people were in custody since Saturday. There are still many gray areas in this case . The investigation is just beginning. Told by the mother to explain the presence of this baby in the freezer version is not clear yet. " It's a bit difficult to have elements of the mother , "which is" a little bit lost , "said the deputy prosecutor. Man and woman were made ​​in the evening to a judge. They should be indicted for neglect of a minor resulting in death, according to prosecutors of Bethune . But this pattern indictment could evolve according to the survey (murder?). An autopsy of the baby will be Tuesday.


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