Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nigerians excluded in Forbes Top 20 Young Africa Builders

Nigerians excluded in Forbes Top 20 Young Africa Builders
The latest ranking published by Forbes magazine completely excluded Nigerian entrepreneurs for 20 builders of tomorrow's Africa. At the top of the list is Senegalese Magatte Wade, business woman of 38 years and the founder of Adina World Beat Beverages, which sells tea, coffee and juice-based Senegalese revenue in the United States.

Second place goes to another Senegalese Dieynaba Bakiri Ndoye (37), co-founder signs Colorii specializing in beauty devoted to black and mestizo women.

Côte d'Ivoire is also represented by two entrepreneurs: Eric Kacou, co-founder of the consulting firm Partners ES and Swaady Martin-Leke, former head of General Electric south of the Sahara has launched its luxury brand of tea Yswara.

Congo has one contractor, namely Verona Mankou (27 years), designer of the first African touchpad (Way-C) and patron of the technology company VMK. Togo has, too, a single contractor, namely Jean-Marc Savi Tové From (40), associated with Cauris Management.

Nigerians have been overlooked and fully excluded in the complete ranking of the top 20 builders of tomorrow. I never knew 40 and 42 year old were young, lol. Who actually drew this list? So biased and incomplete. Osaseye fully disagree with this list.

1 - Magatte Wade, 38 years: founder of Adina (Senegal).

2 - Acha Leke, 40: Director of McKinsey office in Lagos (Cameroon)

3 - Diagou Janine, 40 years: DG in the banking business of the Group NSIA (Ivory Coast).

4 - Cina Lawson, 40 years: Postmaster and the Digital Economy (Togo).

5 - Didier Drogba, 35 years: professional footballer (Ivory Coast).

6 - VeroneMankou, 27 years: entrepreneur, president of VMK (Congo).

7 - Martin Swaady Leke, 36: Entrepreneur, founder of Yswara (Ivory Coast).

8 - Arthur Zang, 26 years: designer touch tablet medical Cardiopad (Cameroon).

9 - Samuel Eto'o, 32 years: professional football player (Cameroon).

10 - Tidjane Deme, 40: Head of Google Francophone Africa (Senegal).

11 - RainatouSow 30 years: rights activist Women (Guinea).

12 - Eric Kacou, 38: Co-founder and CEO of ES Partners (Ivory Coast).

13 - Ingrid Awadé, 40: Director General of Taxes (Togo).

14 - ClareAkamanzi, 34: Director General of Rwanda DevelopmentBoard (Rwanda).

15 - Dieynaba Bakiri Ndoye, 37 years: co-founder signs Colorii (Senegal).

16 - Marie-Cécile Zinsou, 31 years: Zinsou Foundation for Contemporary African Art (Benin).

17 - Jean-Marc Savi From Tove, 40 years: Partner at Cauris Management (Togo).

18 - Serge Thierry Mickoto, 41 years: CEO of Strategic Investment Fund (Gabon)

19 - Anthony Obame, 24 years: taekwondo champion (Gabon).

20 - Marou Amadou, 42 years: Minister of Justice and government spokesman (Niger).


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