Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kim Kardashian Bikini Butt is Just Fat, Disgusting & Nasty

Kim Kardashian Bikini Butt

Kim Kardashian latest hot bikini photos did not go well with some haters. Kim is currently on vacation in Phang-Nga, Thailand, seen f;aunting her famous curves in a tiny nude thong bikini that accentuated her massive cleavage.

''Kim Kardashian's butt is nasty. Those are not curves, It's just fat. I can't believe that some men enjoy looking at her body because she does have very big assets."

                                            Kim Kardashian Bikini Butt is Just Fat, Disgusting & Nasty
"Everything about her is fake. I wish some people would just be thankful for the body God has given them because everything God creates is beautiful and not try to change it to make it to their definition of beautiful. Ego is not sexy Kim.. neither is being plastic.Shame'' a frustrated Stella said.

I quickly pulled up my old dictionary for a word so simple as 'Jealousy.' I wanted to be sure it meant resentment against a rival, person enjoying success or advantage. Stella needs to calm down.


  1. it's a regular cut bikini bottom, just on her it becomes a thong

    Fake fat butt