Saturday, April 19, 2014

P-Square Breaking Up or Not? The Truth Explained

P-Square Breaking Up or Not

P-Square Breaking Up Over Wives, Money or Fight? — Truth Revealed about Nigeria's leading artist.

There has been this rumor about Peter and Paul having serious problem which might be affecting their music career. The rumor even insinuated that one of the wives is responsible for all the troubles. Nigerian popular blogger Linda Ikeji reported there was a big fight during music rehearsals. These rumor started after Jude Okoye tweeted that; "After ten years of hard work, it's over. Am done." He meant, he is done. Jude Okoye is the elder brother, manager and producer of P-Square. He's breaking up with Square records not Peter and Paul.

Psquare through their publicist, Bayo Adetu, has reacted to the on going rumor. He said ''I am too busy to give some wanna be blogger traffic, I don’t know where that report is coming from. Maybe they just want to get traffic to their site. It’s baseless and untrue”.

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