Friday, May 16, 2014

Fully Painted Nude Woman Not Noticed in Public

Painted Nude Woman Not Noticed in Public
Would you notice if someone wasn't wearing pants?

In the video below, a model identified only as "Marie" saunters through the streets of Lille, France, according to She is dressed normally from the waist up, but on the bottom wearing only a thong and jeans that have been literally painted on.
 Nude Woman Not Noticed in Public

The video, uploaded to YouTube in April, has reached over 8 million views. Osaseye shared the video that was directed by Belgian students Sarah Baboro and David Lesage and features the bodypainting work of makeup artist Marie Przybylski.

"Sarah is a good friend of mine and body-painting is what I really enjoy as a make-up artist so I didn't even think twice about saying yes!" Przybylski told the Daily Mail.

Even watching the video, some said the video moved so fast and they couldn't tell the woman was nude, painted or had jeans on. Others argued that the video of the painted nude woman not being noticed in public is nothing out of the ordinary . A naked man or woman could be walking nude and the majority would not notice until someone mentioned it. Do you agree?

Maybe because she had a top on and a thong, so getting painted like that is not fully nude and as a result she wasn't noticed.