Monday, May 19, 2014

'Half of a Yellow Sun': New York movie premiere & review

'Half of a Yellow Sun': movie review

Those who reside in New York have a better chance to purchase a ticket and watch the movie at Quad Cinema on W 13th Street. I traveled some miles across the Hudson river to watch the movie premiere.

At first, I thought I had arrived at the wrong place. The line was barely existent close to 10 minutes before the movie premiere. I got my ticket and waited at the lobby to be summoned.

Minutes later, other movie watchers began to arrive at the theater. Most of them were old folks: predominantly white Americans. The movie started and the room began to thinly fill with Nigerians. Nigerians mostly in the 20's and 30's.

Minutes later, the movie minutes went deep. It had the old school music and cultural memories: music, environment, dress and history. My idol(Onyeka) did an awesome job as mama Odenigbo. Old renowned actors and actresses like the Orjis, the Glorias, the Nnajis and my man Chiwetel Ejiofor did an awesome job. 

The movie ran for close to 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute of the highly anticipated Half of a Yellow Sun. Osas eye want to encourage you to go see the movie, learn about the Nigerian history and support the movie project. No spoilers on the movie. I will not narrate the movie for you my guy and sis. Go watch am. The movie is still on show. Google it. Get your ticket and enjoy Half of a Yellow Sun, written and directed by the Nigerian-British author Biyi Bandele, and adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s award-winning historical epic set during Nigeria’s civil war in the 1960s. The movie is well acted and powerfully scripted.