Thursday, June 12, 2014

Over Protective Father v Pedophile? Dad hits Teacher over daughter's texts

Dad hits Teacher over daughter's texts

Should a 42 year old teacher should be texting any 15 year old student talk about inappropriate text? Most people agree that a teacher has no business texting his under age student while others believe that only If the texts were lewed and for a purpose of a sexual encounter, then the parents should report the teacher. What is your take on this incident?

Police say the dad saw a series of texts on Thursday between the 42-year-old teacher and his daughter, a 15-year-old student. The girl's mother deemed them "inappropriate for a teacher and a student" to be sharing, News Net 5 reports. Investigators didn't agree and never charged the teacher with a crime, but the situation took a downturn later that day when the unidentified teacher showed up at the girl's house.

He wanted to speak to the girl's father, but was told to leave, CBS local reports. When he refused, the dad reportedly whacked him with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained minor injuries.

Police arrived at the Nottingham home at about 9:45 p.m., but the teacher didn't press charges.

If a 42 year old man was texting my daughter for ANY reason, I would club him with a baseball bat too. If a teacher wants to get a message to a student, then it needs to be given in the classroom, or through a parent. Any other way is inappropriate. Besides, why does a 42 year old male have the private cell phone number of a 15 year old girl? 

Where the parents snooping on their daughter or just being over protective?

What will you have done?