Friday, July 25, 2014

CNN Lies: Nigeria's kidnapped girls are forgotten

Nigeria's kidnapped girls forgotten

I came accross a CNN article ''Nigeria's kidnapped girls not forgotten.'' The article cited that Wednesday, July 23, marks a tragic milestone. It is the girls' 100th day in captivity. For an adolescent with plans, dreams and ambitions, 100 days must seem an eternity.But they are not alone. The world has not forgotten these girls. Not in 100 days. Not for one day.

I disagree with the article and believe that the Nigerian government and other World leaders could have given more for the fight especially since it threatened education. It sickened me to day this Nigeria and the World has forgotten about the missing girls. The action initiated for the rescue mission has been fruitless and I agree with one of the pioneers Ngozi Ezekwesili ''I feel today, there is need to avoid every form of inertia.”

The once popular #BringBackOurGirls movements launched from local corridors to World's most powerful president's mansion has since collapsed.

The Emergency Coalition for Global Education Action, to get 57 million children in school, will be launched in September during U.N. General Assembly week. The coalition will call on the international community to take action. But, it should be noted that the U.N action to rescue the Chibok schoolgirls 100 days after has been very very poor. How then can you guarantee the Emergency Coalition Act for Global Education to be a success?


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