Saturday, July 19, 2014

Peter Okoye Ditches Jude Wedding

When Peter Okoye did not show up at the wedding of his elder brother Jude Okoye, rumors started flying as to why the music mogul bailed out at his blood brother. Fans began to attach the Nigerian pop singer. 
Peter Okoye Ditches Jude: A Happy Family

Peter Okoye would not leave his own family (wife and children) to attend his biological brother's wedding. The issue drew national debate that lingers through the weekend. Why did he really ditch his brother's wedding?

Some Nigerians call him childish and others attribute his snub to his big ego in the family. Peter took to twitter to answer some of his critics. ''The most important family is the one I built'' he tweeted in response to an attach of blood is thicker than his own children.

He got furious to a point he threatened to block any of his fans who spoke contrary to his genuine belief of being absent at Jude's wedding.

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