Friday, July 18, 2014

100 Days to Bring Back Our Girls continues

The first 100 days to bringbackour girls has yielded nothing. Nigerians and the media continue to keep the pressure on the Nigerian government!
100 Days to Bring Back Our Girls continues

People around the world campaigned with the hashtag #bringbackour girls. A campaign which hits over 2 billion tweets and the biggest social media fails in 2014. The story which leaders and presidents had campaigned for has failed to bringbackour Nigerian schoolgirls. The Nigerian government says it has wrapped up an inquiry into the case, even though the world is watching and the schoolgirls are still missing. The viral video from the Nigerian first lady widely turned into a musical lyric. The distraction of the world cup is over. All eyes back on the missing kidnapped teens.

The most recent update on the missing 200 schoolgirls is not from the goverment but from the abductors

"Bring Back Our Girls." Ooooh! Bring back our army. Bring back our army. Jonathan! Jonathan! Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl kristahn! (ph) Bring back our Army!'' Boko Haram leader Shekau mocked.

Most of the parents of the missing teens shared their grief and frustrations that their daughters had not been found after 100 days. They feel ignored by the government. They feel like the girls are braver than the Nigerian military. The parents are now attempting to go into the forest themselves, with bows and arrows, to rescue their daughters, but being told to turn back because they might not come back alive.

"All they are asking for is for the government to search for their daughters," Hadiza Usman of the Bring Back Our Girls movement said. "They feel neglected and abandoned."

100 days to bring back out girls continue.

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